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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

6-21-13 RMB Time

6-21-13 RMB Time
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
It’s not really June 21st, but that is the next day that I should have written the next Rita Mae Brown letter. That would be the next date of the next letter, if I were writing a letter every day. Sometimes I think of letter content, mull it over in my head, and then write two or three at once, filling in the dates.
Many dates have passed, but today, in this very moment, I refuse to lose them. Odd though, I never feel the need to write more than one letter per day, nor to skip ahead. I suppose if I am reinventing the past, then I could reinvent the future, but I don’t.
Time is an interesting concept. It’s something we all have but none can hold. It slips away from us and sneaks up on you.
I invented an expression that drives my “adult” sister nuts…negative time. That is when you plan to do ten things when you only have time to do five…you are mentally operating in negative time.
If anyone can flex time, she can, accomplishing more than most on any given day. Of course whatever doesn’t fit within the confines of the day, can be accomplished between one and four am. She is the night owl.
I have come to the awareness that we have all the time in the world and yet we only have today. This baffles me.
I read numerous books on goals and accomplishment, planning and execution, mindset and focus…but the days slip by and I am still not a writer. I console myself by saying that I am getting closer. I am writing more; more than just RMB letters. I read my work. I enjoy it. I enjoy writing more, reading more and in the end all is well. Because all we have is today. And today I am writing.
Sweet dreams,

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