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Gulf Shores
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Friday, March 28, 2014

10-31-13 Thursday Happy Halloweeeen!

10-31-13 Thursday Happy Halloweeeen!

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

It is Thursday and it is Halloween. Tonight my sister had a meeting at the church which the boys attend. My trio of nephews transformed once again into a zombie, fireman and ninja. They are familiar with the neighborhood and friendly with the local dogs. So we dropped off my sister and trotted up the street with bags in hand and swords drawn.

House after house relinquished their sweet riches. The boys were delighted when their bags got too heavy to carry. Eventually I ended up carrying one pair of shoes and various accoutrements. We made our way to the car with three boys, who were hyped despite their sore feet.

The costume that gained the most attention was the fireman, who chose to be a “real strong” fireman, complete with shirt open and muscles showing. At only nine, he is the strongest and his muscles are well formed, garnering him more than one Chippendale comment.

It was a good night. I am blessed with my three exuberant boys. Everyone was friendly, folks coming out to chat, decorations blinking, laughter and joy abounding.

I am not a big fan of any holiday, but this one, is made a bit more special in the presence of these three souls that bring such joy wherever they go. This togetherness thing, there really is something to it, isn’t there. If in any moment, we could see our own effect, like a colored mist, blue when we bring peace, yellow when we invoke joy, green when we inspire, and so on…how would being more aware of our effect affect us? Would we work at it some? And if so, what shades would we work to create?

Cheers to a Happy Halloween for young and old alike.

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