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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10-30-13 RMB As We Think, We Are

10-30-13 RMB As We Think, We Are

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The priorities of the week include time spent reading several good books, your Venus Envy, No Strings by Gerri Hill, listening to Jillian Michaels Unlimited in my car on CD and a bit of my own America Book 2 as it shapes itself into a follow up of America Book 1. Yeah, I know, the titles are terribly original. America is one of two main characters.

Today, books are set aside for a trip to the store for zombie paint, hot chocolate and bagels, essentials required by my trio of nephews. Halloween fever is in the air. I like that we have three creative boys, each one bold and brave in his “boy-ness”, but also creative enough to be able to pretend to be just about anything or anyone.

Seeing their excitement and hearing them discuss what they will be reminds me of a conversation I overheard one day from the trio in my backseat. There was a squabble over a toy gun. I was trying not to pay attention, but these lines caught me by surprise and I had to laugh out loud.

Boy one: “It’s my gun.”

Boy two: “I’m just borrowing it.”

Boy one: “You’re wasting the bullets.”

The exasperated eldest, boy three: “It’s a fake gun! They are fake bullets!!!”

The gun apparently made a sound and it was the sound maker that the middle boy wished to preserve, but in his exuberance, it sounded like it was the actual fake bullets that he wished to conserve. These three take their imaginary worlds quite seriously.

Ah, to be young and be able to be anything and anyone with just the thought of it. Wait a minute. We can be anything and anyone, including young. It’s all relative and it’s all possible. As we think, we are. So thus, we are as we think.

Imagine that,

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