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Sunday, March 9, 2014

10-18-13 RMB Libraries and Librarians

10-18-13 RMB Libraries and Librarians

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On this Friday night I took Rest In Pieces with me as I walked through an outdoor mall, filled with people and good lighting. The plot in this second Mrs. Murphy mystery is more intricate than I imagined. As it unfolds near the end, I am impressed by the tale you’ve woven. The action was fun, too. Mrs. Murphy and Tucker are quite the team.

I find myself looking at my own cat and dog now and asking “what did you say” or “what are you trying to tell me?” I’ve always enjoyed communication with animals, but your books further increase my curiosity and interest in hearing their point of view.

Earlier today, I finished Gerri Hill’s book Artist’s Dream. She managed to inspire compassion for her antagonist. I like that books stretch us into seeing what we might not have seen and wondering what we might not have wondered.

Do you recall the missing DVD case that sent me into a tizzy? The minor fit, that the kind librarian squelched by working her magic in the library’s system to allot more time to the finding of the case? The case was located a few days ago and I spent the next couple of days on the lookout for the DVD that I know I put someplace special, so it could be found once the case was located. The two were finally re-united this week and returned to the library.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yes, the library, a wonderful place, where words are numerous and quiet abounds to allow for their absorption. Have you ever noticed how much more courteous people are at the library? How much more helpful the average librarian is compared to say, the average department store clerk?

Is it the energy of all those who have contributed to what is housed there, the massive volumes of books, movies, and CDs? Is it the presence of community, where tax forms are supplied, computers are made available, assistance for whatever you wish to research is at the ready, there is story time for kids and often a bookstore to boot?

Is it the gallantry of the mission, to share words, to impart wisdom, to teach of life and love?
I think the answer lay in all of the above and I bask in the energy supplied, thankful to all for their contribution.

Cheers to libraries and librarians, cheers to Rita Mae Brown and Gerri Hill,

One content Loraine

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