Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

10-21-13 RMB Joyful Adventures

10-21-13 RMB Joyful Adventures

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today is Monday and my blue Honda Accord went into the shop for a new trunk lid or hood or whatever you call it. Regardless of its title, it is a $1,200 piece of equipment, well with paint and other minor repairs and whatnots.

So, car-less, the boys and I set out on a trek by foot from my workplace to a nearby McDonalds. We caught the last glimpse of dusk before darkness descended around us. The dark night made it an adventure. Replacing my three nephews were three knights in shining armor wielding invisible swords.

It started from them to me, with “It’s dark!” and “This is scary”. Which led to, from me to them, “Then you will have to protect me.” And so they did, making our journey an adventure.

Yesterday I started reading Venus Envy. It is full of colorful characters, ones I don’t relate to easily, making me appreciate your clear descriptions of them all the more.

Here’s wishing you joyful adventures the next time you find yourself walking dark paths,


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