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Friday, March 21, 2014

10-28-13 RMB Seek and Find

10-28-13 RMB Seek and Find

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The days are busy with plenty of work. Is there ever more time than there is work to do? Perhaps it is one of those “as you seek, you shall find” kind of things. I’ve always liked work, so I will always find more to do. My challenge finding the moment where it is best to walk away from it, to say when enough is done and save the rest for another day.

There are systems called edi (electronic data exchange?) where bookstores and retailers transmit orders to vendors. Our system, at the small publishing house where I work, is acting up. So on this Monday, after a break for an hour long walk, I returned to work until ten in the evening. Yawn, I am whupped now.

So, “as we seek, we find”, is that true of our creativity? Can it be drawn out of one tired, whupped, wanna be writer by the seeking of it? Or does the stage need to be set for the performance to occur?

Some say “build a shrine, that you might remember daily to be grateful, a place to pray.” As though, by building the place physically, you manifest the emotions, the desire internally.

It makes sense that we must bring our tools together in order to complete our tasks. Boot up the computer, or gather the pen with paper, arrange for a time and place sit to write. Remember, energy is required, so allow for time to write when there is a bit remaining within. Bring along goals, important tools, also known as wishes, wants or dreams.

What of that gratitude business? What tools do we gather, what place do we build, what is the dream, to what destiny do we wish our gratitude to carry us?

Maybe I am too tired to make sense right now. But I have gathered my computer, a few moments and wish, a dream for a better tomorrow. And with these words, I encourage creativity and gratitude, two elements that join to bring us a better tomorrow.

Thank you for listening RMB, for being the catalyst for these letters, for asking of your audience that we create. In one of your talks about Animal Magnetism, which I watched on YouTube, you pointed to the audience and stated “I believe in you. I do.” That means a lot. It really does.

Seeking and finding,

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