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Monday, March 10, 2014

10-19-13 RMB As We Give

10-19-13 RMB As We Give

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

On this Saturday morning, I awoke before four with today’s goal to get America ready for the editor, the novel pulled me from my bed and I settled into the little couch in my room to go through the typos two beta readers found. That’s the official term, so my editor tells me, for people who read your book before it is a book. I call them friends and family, really nice people, willing to amuse and support me

I thought writing was a career with some degree of solitude and independence. I was wrong. It is a community effort and I am fortunate for my community, a kind inner circle.
I managed to get through the typos, shaking my head that there are still so many, before the sun rises. I thought it would take me all of the weekend. I am pleased.

I also thought I could go through the book and make adjustments and improvements as I made the corrections. By page 10 it became apparent that was a futile effort, getting the two sides of the brain to mesh. By switching gears, I wasn’t doing justice to either task, the creative or the technical. Once I finished with the technical, I proceeded to the creative effort of adjusting and improving the story.

Later, I finished reading Rest in Pieces, the second Sneaky Pie Brown Mrs. Murphy Mystery, co-authored by Rita Mae Brown, or should the collaborating authorship be stated the other way around? Reading one book after another inspires me to write. There is something relevant there, related to the reality of “as we give we receive.” Be careful what you bring into your life, as it will affect that which flows from it.

With care,

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