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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5-13-13 RMB Our Love Outlives Our Lives

5-13-13 RMB Our Love Outlives Our Lives 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I finished Sudden Death. So far, every Rita Mae Brown book I’ve read has had its own flavor. They are set in various times, a multitude of places, with a variety of characters.  I wholeheartedly agree with this reviewer on Sudden Death:

“Romantic fiction with a vengeance.” –The Denver Post

I suppose when I get to the mystery series’ there will be less variety, with repeating characters, locales and all. Yet, I know there will be interesting and surprising elements. I’ve learned it is simply your way.

Your words flow well, although certain ones stand out. I can’t name them all or this letter would go on indefinitely. This from Sudden Death struck me as profound “Harriet fought off a throbbing headache and wondered what happens when a little lie becomes a reality or when reality becomes a lie.”

Another paragraph in Sudden Death that resonates is the conversation Harriet has with Ricky, about love outliving our lives, bringing us together in an afterlife and God strengthening it. Harriet asks if this is a foolish dream, if there is ever a time that we are bound by more than scar tissue. She wants to believe that such a love can come to pass, if not here on earth, then in heaven.

I believe it must, both in heaven and in future lives, in whatever forms future lives may takes. This is what all love is based on, an everlasting essence. Once a connection is made, once a love is realized, it exists, forever.

The logistics are near impossible to work out in the here and now. We humans are the epitome of imperfection. We are here too short a time, young to much of our existence and ultimately still lacking wisdom when all is said and done. We curse one another, sabotage ourselves and hurt those nearest the most. Yet we continually work to do better, be better, love better.

We are evolutionary creatures and if this is as far as we can go, would we still be trying so hard?

I believe that we all reach for something more, because someplace deep within ourselves, we know there is something more. There is something beyond the here and now, something we are tied to, something we contribute to daily, with each embrace, every action, every thought. What lay beyond this is an extension of us and we are an extension of all that came before, of the selves we were before we became who we are, of those we have known, those we have loved…and those that we will love, those whose path we will cross.

We are one, constantly in search of proof confirming the connection, struggling to see the pattern and our place in the weave, guiding our lives through time as best we can. Yes…our love outlives our lives.

Yours truly,


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