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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

5-16-13 RMB Believe in Possibilities

5-16-13 RMB Believe in Possibilities posted 7-21-13
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
In the Forward of High Hearts, about researching the Civil War, you say “I have always had the strangest sensation that I was not really learning anything but rather I was being reminded of something I already knew.”
The Civil War has come up a lot in my mystical musings, especially lately with my RMB project. Several years ago I was driving across the country with a friend. We both felt we had known each other before. She strongly felt as though she was in the Civil War.
We spent some time in the area of a Civil War battlefield visualizing what it was like, where we were, what we were doing. We pieced together a memory, each contributing our own perspective.
When I walk in the park, some of the past souls visiting are soldiers of various wars, including the Civil War. To those that say I am just a space cadet, I willingly admit “Maybe so.” There is so much that can not be proven, yet so much that is verified and even more that is of relevance, worthy of thought.
Even those that tease me and some that hold their religion so tight to the vest it threatens to cut off their circulation will sometimes listen. And when they do, they understand. They see what it is I am reaching for even if neither of us can put it directly into words. Even if it does not align with anything they have been taught.
I believe in “what ifs”. I believe in possibilities. I believe we all know more than we give ourselves credit for knowing. I believe that whenever we are ready to accept responsibility for all that we can be, we will be more than we have ever so many ways.
With great hope for us,

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