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Thursday, July 25, 2013

5-21-13 RMB Utmost Importance

5-21-13 RMB Utmost Importance
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I signed on to your Facebook page today and saw a message recently posted that included:
“I also wanted to share with you how your books have changed my life and kept me sane!!!!”
Our hearts, are they full or breaking, content or tortured? Whenever we help one another, by words written or deeds done…we save ourselves and each other. We keep each other sane. I trust the administrator of the site will get the full message to you. I like that someone created this Facebook page, where people share photos of you, interview links and how RMB has touched their lives.
I am not a Facebook fan, have not really figured out how it all works, nor do I have a drive to do so. I will be spending some time with my niece this summer, my buddy. She will bring me up to speed, explain this “friending” business to me. I like the concept, but it seems like a lot of work, especially for someone not inclined to “friend” much in life in general. (Hey it is 6am, where is this rambling coming from??? That’s supposed to be a night time thing.)
For the last couple of days I have felt an uneasiness, a shifting, like something is about to happen. Yesterday I was literally shaking, easily shook by what should not shake me at all. As I sat at my desk, getting a proverbial grip on myself, I felt a slight shift in the earth, a minor earthquake. At first there was some relief as I thought “Was that it?” It felt too mild, but the natural disaster element struck a chord.
Last night I talked to Maria (of the Maria’s Meandering Mind blog). I asked her if she felt it, the uneasiness, if she knew what it might be. She looked up news on the internet, told me about the Oklahoma tornado. Prayers go out to those affected, 24 dead, 9 of them children.
There is a change in the uneasiness, either that was it or the extent of this tragedy overshadows whatever it was. It has not gone away, but has evolved from an uneasiness to a gasp, a drawing in of breath while one waits for the full impact to occur. A headache lurks, edging near when I seek answers.
While walking last night, I called on others whose lives already lived might shed some light on mine. This is minor to them, they have seen more, been through so much, know so much more now that whatever I am facing is comparable to child’s skinned knee. It seems enormous, of utmost importance to the child, but in reality it is a minor blip. They were kind and soothing, they bandaged my wound, but it will be up to me to heal it.
Until I know what it is, the healing will be difficult, for now coping is the most I can do. I must get over myself and send prayers to those that need it most, those grieving, those facing rebuilding their lives and burying their loved ones.
The person that wrote you the note mentioned above…you contented her heart, bandaged her wounds. In a world where lives can be swept away with the wind, where tomorrow is never guaranteed, that truly is of utmost importance. Many thanks to you, in lieu of notes unwritten, for the many lives you’ve effected by your contribution to how we are who we are, moving us to be better than we have been.
Take care,

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