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Friday, July 12, 2013

5-10-13 RMB El Camino Real

5-10-13 RMB El Camino Real 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

My enlightened, editor friend emailed me corrections. Guess it’s time to give her a name, since she’s already linked your letters to her blog she must be okay with revealing she is friends with this letter writer. I will call her JR, because that is so much easier than Jennifer Silva Redmond and so much shorter than “my enlightened, editor friend”, but I digress.

JR found a “where” that should have been a “wear”, a “right” that should have been a “write” (gasp) and multiple semi-colons, apostrophes, hyphens, dashes and commas running amuck like a gaggle of toddlers let loose to play, sorely needing to be herded for lunch, or in this case…posting on the blog.

I am grateful that such blunders were caught. However, many have already been mailed to you. Please accept my apologies for such negligence. I am positive that, in your life, complete with running a farm, the Oak Ridge Fox Hunt Club, writing books, promoting them and caring for the multitude of animal life surrounding you, among everything else that occupies your time, that each stray comma in these RMB letters carries a significant impact upon you…thus my sincere apologies.

Well, in all seriousness, if you were shaking your head as you noticed such things, believe me I was shaking my head as I went through and corrected them. Worst of all, I know there are more. I know the silliest of errors hide with expert finesse and only appear at the least favorable moment during a written work’s history.

By the way, JR is the one making a movie. She and her screenwriter husband Russell Redmond were moved to write about a woman that lived in San Diego. I’ve asked her to share the details with me so I can relay them in the RMB letters. The woman’s story relates to what I discuss here, what is fair, what is right, how we -- both individually and as a nation -- seek to find a better way, and the often times tragic outcome of doing what we think best. More later on her story. The El Camino Real trailer can be seen at

Good night Rita Mae Brown,


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