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Gulf Shores
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Monday, July 1, 2013

5-2-13 RMB Southern Discomfort Characters

5-2-13 RMB Southern Discomfort Characters
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I am half way through Southern Discomfort. What a wonderful mix of characters you have assembled in this book. I notice that you regularly bring in side stories on your books. There are several important characters along with their own storylines. In Southern Discomfort, there are multiple families and generations, from a variety of classes and ethnicities.
As a fiction reader, novice that I am to the sport of it, I get frustrated when it appears that multiple characters are cut from the same stock. Sometimes they seem simply varying shades of the author or of the author’s companions.
In your books, I am constantly amused, intrigued and curious as to any new characters being introduced. There is always a promise of something special there. Even after formal introductions, the characters take unexpected turns and twists.

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