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Friday, July 5, 2013

5-5-13 RMB Interesting Universe

5-5-13 RMB Interesting Universe posted 7-5-13
Dear Rita Mae Brown, Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Well I went and did it, emailed the whole mega file of letters to the “adult” sister and her daughter, my niece, my buddy, my partner in crime. Her older brother inherited my sister’s adultness, while this niece has inherited a wild spirit, I have no idea where that came from, maybe from my mother, ever the party girl. She doesn’t party, but has a fierce devotion to certain things, acting, honesty, fairness, family, etc.
Both she and her brother are quite amazing. They accomplish great things, which would keep me writing indefinitely if I tried to recount them all, plus I am sure I would get all the facts wrong. She is a stickler for facts. Both siblings have an incredible memory.
One example of her drive…she wanted to get into USC’s acting curriculum, however the drama department in her high school had been trimmed to extinction. She rang up some big shot. I think it was someone from the Orange County community theatre that would refer her to USC in lieu of a drama teacher’s recommendation.
She sat down at a coffee shop across from Mr. Big Shot, eh-hm, I mean the gentleman, and asked if she could do a dialogue from Shakespeare as an impromptu audition to show her ability. The gentleman asked what she was prepared to recite. Her response was for him to pick what he would like her to do. She has every well known play of Shakespeare’s memorized word for word, inflection by inflection.
That alone impressed him, but when they did settle on something, something she could have recited completely, he was beyond impressed. Getting into USC is no cake walk. When she sets her sights on something, few things hinder her. She is taking finals this week, completing her second year at USC.
Personally, I was impressed when she memorized the entire Finding Nemo movie and recited it word for word, including pregnant pauses, on a long car drive for me. She wouldn’t even let me “fast forward” through any of it to get to my favorite parts. (“A boat? I saw a boat, follow me!” what a great movie!)  
Soooo, I anxiously awaited hearing back from sister and niece. One night, exhausted, I laid down to rest around eight, only to awaken -- wide awake -- at eleven. I read some of Southern Discomfort and then sat to write.  A new idea floated in and I ran with it. The main character, a bit wild, reminded me of my niece. I wrote several pages. At four in the morning, I laid my head down to sleep. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been awake during those early morning hours.
At seven in the morning I was greeted with an email from my niece that read “So it is currently 4am and I have just finished the last page of your letters…I started at about 11pm…”
This is such an interesting universe. Sometimes I like it a lot.
She thanked me for sending the letters. She said many wonderful things. With every compliment I get, I want to ask “Really??? Are you kidding me?” Since starting this, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I guess today is not the day, being odd is still okay.
Good night,

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