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Monday, July 8, 2013

5-7-13 RMB Books Worthy of Mention

5-7-13 RMB Books Worthy of Mention posted 7-8-13

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I am enjoying your books, but want to mention this one that I found a worthwhile read: Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer by Chely Wright. I loaned a copy to someone. After reading it, she texted me “All I can say is wow! Amazing story.” It is…well written too, more than well written, the words dance on the page. Even the difficult passages are beautifully written, graceful.

I also recommend her CD Lifted Off the Ground, which includes the song Like Me, my favorite on the disc. The chorus ends with “Will anyone…ever….know you like me?”

Me by Ricky Martin is moving. If you are interested in how far our society has come and how much further we still have to go, read this book. His story is unique, but one can relate to his struggles.

Another memoir to read is Carol Burnett’s This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection. Whether you are a fan of Carol Burnett’s or not, she is an amazing woman, a credit to humanity and an excellent story teller. She has written several others and I am sure they are equally good. Some sit on my bookshelf now, waiting patiently for their turn. Books are too patient, sometimes they wait too long. In the meanwhile, I recommend this one that I listened to on CD, narrated by Carol herself, a treat!

For aspiring writers, Stephen King’s On Writing is interesting and informative.
Fiction recently read include books by Claire McNab (I enjoy the Kylie Kendall Mysteries), Lori Lake (Gun Shy and it’s sequels, the fourth will be released this year, a bit drawn out-but I liked that in these books), Ronica Black (so far her’s have included explicit love scenes through most of the text, very adult themed. My dormant wild side enjoyed them), Karin Kallmaker (my favorite so far is Just Like That). 

An anthology that I just started, in all my spare time, is Dear John, I Love Jane edited by Candace Walsh and Laura Andre. I am on page 64 and it made the list because thus far it is insightful, without being whiny. 

Yes, there is a trend here, but I have also recently read, or am in the process of reading, Twain short stories (which needs no elaboration), two tarot card books (one on history and the other on the card’s meanings), An Illustrated History of the World (which is helping me with one of my stories that spans some time), two workout books (one for women and one by Sly Stallone about staying in shape in general) and two books I read to the boys Anne Frank’s Diary and Chicken Soup for a Kid’s Soul.

Books bumped aside for Rita Mae Brown novels include two on how the brain works, two on women of note (one about Remarkable Women and the other about Smart Women – I am eager to learn how they differ), a novel that my editor friend read and loaned me because of the mystical storyline, one another friend just gave me about fortune telling in all forms and The Colorado Kid by Stephen King (sister says it is not too scary for me). 

There are others too, those are just the ones scratching the surface. 

Okay, maybe there was more than “one” book I felt like mentioning. 

Time to turn the page to another day – good night,

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