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Gulf Shores
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Monday, June 23, 2014

6/14/14 RMB Ario Lynch

6/14/14 RMB Ario Lynch

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Although I am still uploading letters from December of last year, I am flexing time here to bring forth a message from Ario. If Star Trek can bounce from century to century, I am game to manipulate my own artistry. Our only certainty is now, here in this moment, and this – his words, they are worthy of flexing time.

My enlightened editor friend, Jennifer Redmond Silva, brought his Facebook post to my attention with the preface, “From a strong and funny man that I'm pleased to have as my friend, and, incidentally, my nephew.”

My thanks to Ario for his contribution to our society,

With his gracious consent, his sentiments follow…

Attention fellow White Male Americans of the mostly Heterosexual variety:
We were gifted with traits not of our choosing. These traits, neither inherently good nor bad, were assigned privileges that became powers long before we arrived here. So many have used these powers to oppress and exploit others that true Equality among humans simply does not exist. Today these powers operate on our behalf whether we want them to or not. Just as Superman could stroll absentmindedly through a storm of gunfire or a raging inferno, we stroll through life benefitting at nearly every turn. Not to say that life is easy, or that we are free from the entanglement of inequality's thorny vines. For no one is free while others are oppressed, yeah? As the tall one in the kitchen I am happy to reach for what's needed from the highest cupboard. But, what if I can plainly see that my female companion's arms are pinned down, or that a stool is being withheld? What if Superman refused to fly, walking instead, to the mugging; or flinched when the assailant drew his gun. We, the white and the male, didn't create this world, but we are in it, and we have powers, to wield or not. And what do we risk by fighting for true equality? By always standing beside and, when necessary, shielding the displaced, the underprivileged, the oppressed against those who would deny the inherent rights of our fellow humans? By using our privilege/power to build and secure real Equality, we risk losing it. That's what equality means. No privileged group. No unearned power. We need not feel guilty or ashamed or defensive. The demand is not for our blood or our dignity. We have nothing sacred to lose in this battle if equality is gained. But until then we are truly lost. So....dudes. What do we do? How do we get there? I don't know, man, I'm one of you. Ask your girlfriend, your queer friend, your non-white friend. They may not have a quick answer, but you'll have opened yourself to the conversation. That's the first step. Please take it. And, for f*/%'s sake, do more listening than talking.
Thanks for reading.             
Be nice, be strong, be free.

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