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Friday, June 6, 2014

12/5/14 RMB Judy Goldstein Botello

12/5/14 RMB Judy Goldstein Botello

Dear Rita Mae Brown,         
There are certain people that exude kindness. Judy Goldstein Botello is one of those people. She is an author who also had a career as a pediatrician. There is a wisdom in her eyes that says she can tell more about you by looking at you than you could ever convey in words.

I appreciate her writing and admire her grace. I understand she has volunteered to help poor children receive health care. That fits with what I know about her. Having met her a handful of times, I can only picture her with a smile on her face. That is how she appeared to me with each encounter. Ever ready with a hug and easy conversation, she brightens any room.

Why mention her here? Good question. I guess I am hoping that someone upstairs is watching or that in our world, putting certain thoughts out there counts in some way. And, if so, I want it noted. There are those that represent the best that we can be and Judy Goldstein Botello is among those precious few.

To care for one and all. To be kind in every interaction. To lift spirits and heal wounds. There are examples among us of the potential in all of us.



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