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Saturday, June 14, 2014

12/8/13 RMB Past Lives

12/8/13 RMB Past Lives

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today was Sunday so I had a bit more time to myself than I have during the work week. I did some writing in my America novel. Perhaps someday a nutty fan will spend evenings writing to me.

I’ve started reading Murder at Monticello: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery. Early on in the book you make reference to past lives and coincidences. Again, I see a window into a RMB that is open minded, a true explorer of all things and possibilities.

Because we are linear in the way we live our lives (one day follows another) our thoughts are linear. If we meet someone familiar, it must mean we have met them in the past. Yet, when such meetings occur, it is often stated, “I feel like I know you”, in the present tense.

At first glance, that would appear correct, if you knew someone before, you would still know them now. However, in true over-analyzing form, I notice that when time passes and you meet up with friends or family, the statement “I know you” does not ring true. There is a feeling of needing to catch up in order to “know” someone.

What have you been up to? Where are you living? Are you married? Do you have kids now? These and more must be answered in order to fine tune the energy flowing between the two parties, unless their connection is stronger, unless they have maintained a relationship beyond the physical plane, beyond this place that we have identified as “our lifetime”.

Some speculate that time is not linear and that all things are happening at once. Difficult as it is to grasp, this feels accurate. I leave it to scientists and other widget keepers to identify how it works. But I ask that it be considered. By seeking answers we find them and, proof or no proof, our findings become our reality.

It would answer one of the questions that gnaws at me. Why do we continue to go to war, repeating what is seemingly our “past”? Is it because it is not our past at all, but our present? If kindness reigned supreme, would wars fall away from the history books altogether? Or would history be re-told to honor soldiers for saving lives rather than taking them?

Some think the bad must exist in order to have the good, that we must have war to have freedom. When I look around at the way we are, on some level I agree. But when I look at the possibility of who we could be, I see another reality is possible. We are who we determine ourselves to be.

Careful what you wish for,

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