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Monday, June 16, 2014

12-10-13 RMB Sidelines Horse People Article

12-10-13 RMB Sidelines Horse People Article

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a lost item, you often find three other items you had been looking for first? I have a theory that there is an angel upstairs playing a game of hide and seek with our belongings who says, “You have misplaced too many things. Let’s find them all at once.” 

Tonight’s lost treasure was a DVD set of the series Sanctuary with the marvelous Amanda Tapping. She developed the show about a group of scientists that seek extraordinarily powerful creatures and people. They help them any way they can and sometimes capture dangerous ones, making a home for them in the sanctuary. The show is also extraordinary in the technology used, but I digress. The youngest nephew eventually located it, ending our scavenger hunt. Thanks for playing angels. 

After dropping off the nephews, I turned my attention to other matters and discovered another treasure, this article written in Sidelines: For Horse People, About Horse People:
The article is well done. It captures the many aspects of Rita Mae Brown. The photos are perfect. They enhance the understanding of your character and your life. I must say, you look more fit than any other woman I personally know…of any age. 

Here is one of my favorite quotes, “…go outside and be grateful for the birds and anything out there. Live!” 

Be grateful, get out there, and live. 

Yes indeed, 


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