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Sunday, June 8, 2014

12/7/13 RMB Hero At Large

12/7/13 RMB Hero At Large

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I finished reading Venus Envy today and enjoyed the journey into pure fantasy, complete with gods having lover’s quarrels. It brought to mind many Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules episodes. Connected somehow is this week’s rental of Hero at Large for my trio of nephews to watch. It is a movie from the 80’s where John Ritter plays an ordinary man who transforms into a hero at large.

A thread runs through these characters, from your words in Venus Envy to gods portrayed in televised series’ to a film depicting the worship of an ordinary man thought to be more. Admiration sought and gained. Is it human nature to idolize?

I’ve been known to attend church on occasion. Something about the whole process fascinates me. As a youth, I thought it all askew. There seemed a great divide between the characteristics honored and the elements that occupied the souls and minds of those seated in the pews.

Now, decades wiser, I see layers of individuals, their struggles and accomplishments, with their own unique brand of honor. There is an epic journey in each life. From the man on the cross to a blade of grass, every entity has the strength of a warrior. I look at a tree and marvel at it, the seasons it has weathered and the heights it has achieved. To survive is no small feat. 

There are many I hold in high esteem, Jesus, John Ritter himself, you, far too many to list. Yet, the draw is a singular source, a goodness for lack of a more eloquent word.  The congregation teaches us there is something greater at play and by reaching for it, we grow. We live the adventure, because that goodness is an ingredient of life. It resides in us. We are each a hero at large to someone somewhere.

Thanks for being one among my heroes,


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