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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

11-13-13 RMB Laughter and Language

11-13-13 RMB Laughter and Language

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Night falls too early to walk at Lake Murray after work. Tonight I strolled through the small village community of La Mesa. The main street, aptly named La Mesa Boulevard, is well lit and lined with retailers, restaurants, one coffee shop and one bookstore.

Holiday decor in the trees along the sidewalk sparkle white light down from above. Windows reflect winter scenes painted in bright colors. Snow men and snowflakes abound. 

My sister Rita, is visiting our step-mom in Alabama. She chats with me on the cell phone as I walk. Occasional interruptions cause us to call or text each other to reconnect. At one point, I jokingly say, as our attempt to make plans for our next get together is cut short, “Have your people call my people.”

Next thing I know, I have a text that says “Hey, this is my people calling your people.” She is too funny and makes me laugh, as does our step-mom. The walk enriches my body and our conversation warms my heart on this cool winter Wednesday evening.

They remind me laughter is important. And everything is funny when the relationship you share has its own light. Each day holds a story to tell and an adventure to relate, animated with gestures and amalgamated words, spoken with a mix of Spanish, English and Alabamian. Yes, this Californian considers Alabama the keeper of its own language.

Night y’all,

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