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Gulf Shores
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Monday, April 7, 2014

11-9-13 RMB Unleashed

11-9-13 RMB Unleashed

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

In my infinite wisdom, I decided it would be a neat idea to teach our dog to go get her leash whenever she needed to go out. In my ignorance, I neglected to realize that the dog would translate this act into getting her leash whenever she WANTED to go out.

Now, whenever I walk through the door, I am greeted by Misty, leash at the ready, tail a’wagging.

I find it interesting how we apply what we have learned, and humans are no different. We take the teaching of others and turn them to the most advantageous interpretation for ourselves. Such as the eldest nephew arguing that we told him not to waste water, so therefore he should not have to give up his prized possession of blankets covering the bedroom floor to the dirty clothes pile.

We tell our children bullying is wrong and then watch those in government bully each other, complete with name calling and acts of aggression. Who is teaching who? And what is being taught?

The dog has taught me to take her out when I arrive home, the boy did not fare so well in his efforts. And the government? Are shaping it or it shaping us? It is likely a combination of the two. That’s something to bear in mind.

In High Hearts you wrote, “Man is more ape than angel.” An ape can learn. We can learn. Maybe if we looked more closely at the dog and the ape, we could see the HOW, because the WHY doesn’t seem enough to get us from here to there. Well, maybe it depends on one’s definition of the “there” we are reaching for.

The law of attraction material I read points out the importance of seeing the end result, defining the desired outcome and letting the universe assist. Peace. Cooperation between countries, races and individuals. Kindness amongst humankind. Gentleness even. All thus that progress be equally distributed, equally beneficial.

Perhaps even this wish is a selfish request, for I know the contributions of the many outweigh the contributions of the few, and I want it all, everyone’s input, intelligence and assistance, so that we might all be better, wiser and stronger in the coming days.

Okay universe, work your magic. Maybe it can send us several more the likes of one RMB, people talking honestly, boldly challenging us to move in a positive direction.

One can hope,


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