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Friday, April 25, 2014

11-23-13 RMB Week’s Lesson

11-23-13 RMB Week’s Lesson

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I take notes of my days, lest I forget their lessons twix then and now, when I can take a moment to write and reflect. Here are my notes for this week:

11-17-13 Sunday A bit out of sorts, so was JR, a back ache, JR too. Wrote, developed Ric & Liv’s ticks. Walked, shopped & did laundry.

11-18-13 Monday A long day at work, but I did take a mid-day walk, spent it talking to Moe about painting chairs to sell and then took a 6pm walk in the mall and read Venus Envy.

11-19-13 Tuesday Picked up boys and went on an applesauce hunt, took sis to get meds, watched Sanctuary with Amanda Tapping.

11-20-13 Wednesday Walked in the mall after work and talked to the friend that I can tell anything to.

11-21-13 Thursday Work, can’t solve the problems, but why the hell not???

11-22-13 TGIF Stopped by thrift stores on the way home, in the rain.

11-23-13 Saturday A good morning of writing followed by non-stop errands and boys and writing and sister and ugh, I am exhausted. Birthday wishes got out to RMB, typos and all.

Normally, I take a day and draw from it a vision or thought, sometimes only brought about by the retrospect forced upon me by these letters. So thank you. Through this effort that places word after word in these letters, I am a better me.

The days in this particular week seem more a unit, a sort of rainbow of lessons, with each day adding its own color, its own flavor with themes tying them together, work, writing, family and friendship. These were difficult days, trying days, frustrating days, and they were days blessed with friends offering support; blessed with three boys seeking and finding applesauce. Mission accomplished.

I count the thrift store among my blessings. Everything there had a home of some sort and then it was donated for a good cause. A good feeling courses through most thrift stores and I think that is part of its source.

I count you, RMB, among the friends that joined me as I read Venus Envy and wish you a Happy Birthday.

This week tells me there is much to do, including being thankful for our blessings.

Many thanks,


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