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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

11-16-13 RMB Current of Consciousness

11-16-13 RMB Current of Consciousness

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I have started reading Venus Envy and today I came across the phrase “current of consciousness”. Again I marveled that you are putting up with me and my letters, when so much of what I speculate on, you have already mulled over and written about.

On this day, I am going for a walk with an old friend, an ex-boss and one of my favorite people in the world. Later, I will meet another friend and two sisters for dinner, more favorites. That phrase brings me to wonder if those that we draw near to are chosen, at least in part, by that current. They fill in the blanks for us. They pull or push us on, effecting us as we, possibly subconsciously, wish to be pulled and pushed.

Many have said that there is a reason for every person in your life. I don’t believe that whole heartedly. I’ve also heard that if you fail to plan, someone else will make plans for your life and you will be living out their wishes and not your own. There is a combination of the two at play.

Being aware that there is such a thing, a “current of consciousness”, is big. There is a choice to be made, or rather a choice that can be made on…which current shall I surf today?

Thank you for your words RMB. I like these three.

Yours truly,


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