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Thursday, October 17, 2013

7-19-13 RMB Characteristics of Life

7-19-13 RMB Characteristics of Life
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I have just a couple more comments on Bingo and then I will put this book to bed and move on to my first Sneaky Pie Brown/Rita Mae Brown novel Wish You Were Here.
In the conversation Nickel has with her mom near the end of the book, the end of chapter 48 to be exact, you write “She was gliding away from painful knowledge.” What a graceful way to say that.
And in the very same paragraph, “We were fighters, not criers. We stiff-armed the anguish of our own limitations, our own labyrinth of fears, even as we grasped more tightly at life with the other hand. I knew I’d struggle with that tendency for the rest of my days.”
This is why I am a fan who admires your writing, your style. The content of your work and personal example of your life are empowering. That last paragraph could describe both the real life Rita Mae Brown and her character Nickel.
It is a description that could describe anyone really, everyone to some degree or another. You paint more than characters, you paint characteristics of life. You illustrate our struggles, our limitations and our potential in universal and profound ways.
Is that what every author does, or tries to do? Possibly. However, you accomplish it.

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