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Gulf Shores
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7-18-13 RMB Vocabulary

7-18-13 RMB Vocabulary
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
You crack me up. In Bingo, when Nickel’s aunt discovers what her mother has trained her dog to do, she exclaims, “Julia, does everyone know about this?” Her face was empurpled.
Her face was empurpled…??? That is a Rita Mae Brown line if ever I saw one. I have never seen that phrase before. To be even more specific, I have never seen the word “empurpled” before.
I will encourage readers to read the book themselves, if they haven’t already, to discover the dog’s trick.
I look forward to expanding my vocabulary further as I make my way through your books. Your wit is a pleasure to experience.
Still smiling,

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