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Saturday, October 12, 2013

7-16-13 RMB All One

7-16-13 RMB All One
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Today is Tuesday and my forty-ninth birthday, not that one description of the day is any more significant than the other. My, how time flies when you are having fun…or not. Either way, it races by. I must say, I have enjoyed the decades progressively more over the years, my fourth being the best so far…by far. I am looking forward to my fifth.
I worked today. I like to work, so it was a good way to spend the day. This morning I was greeted by flowers and pastries at work. Three of us have birthday’s this month. That’s a pretty high percentage, about half our staff. The sweets were for us all.
The best part, I was treated to lunch by an old friend and a new friend, the flower bringer. By the end of lunch, my old friend and I had told the new friend about my writing; about my RMB letters and my want-to-be-a-novel America. Both were given to the new friend to read and she says it’s my fault that she is late for work now, because she reads in the morning and doesn’t want to stop. Neat.
I am quite blessed really. My life is unmarred by severe tragedy. Some that I am close to experienced such tragedy, but my greatest struggles have resulted from my own inability to handle the merely difficult aspects of life.
A sister, a niece and her best bud arrive in town early for Comic Con to treat me to a birthday dinner. They spoil me. My birthday wish…for everything to be better for everyone.

I’d better stop before rambling takes flight…back to RMB. In Bingo, the lines
“The difference between genius and stupidity is that even genius has its limits. How stupid I was to assume that tomorrow would be like today.”
“Other people’s friends could die but not mine. I needed them too much. I loved them too much. Would life be worth living without them? I knew I’d find out in the decades ahead. I felt as though I’d been hitched to Calamity’s traces and was now pulling heavy, unwelcome knowledge.”
Both of these sections from the life of your character Nickel, emit a combination of well written and insightful perspectives; words that make one stop and reflect. They had that effect on me. I never considered genius nor stupidity as having limits, but I suppose everything must…or maybe not. I like that your words make me think.
I like that sometimes friends can be as important as life itself. We are all one, in more ways than one.

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