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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

7-12-13 RMB Always

7-12-13 RMB Always
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Here are more thoughts on Bingo. When Nickie visits her father’s grave, these are among your words “I wondered if the soul did outlive the body, because if it did, I knew my father’s soul was somewhere out there trying to be useful.”
You write about so many things, well I guess you must in order to fill so many books. This is one area where I’d like to sit down to tea with you and ask your take on a soul’s life. Mine is that it definitely outlives the body; that it exists and can merge and divide with others easily. We are one…that has a whole new meaning when referring to this everlasting soul.
There are so many things that make this fact obvious to me. The same is true for past lives. I suppose there are other explanations, such as a multidimensional universe, time in flux, a universal consciousness on a grander scheme than I can grasp, etc. But, at this particular point in time, I am limited to my own perceptions, imaginations and awareness, as are we all at any point in time.
I am most comfortable thinking of time in a lineal sense, yesterday, today, then tomorrow…in that order. And I can see life’s expanse only on horizontal and vertical plains. We place ourselves at certain levels and consciously, or not, choose to stay there, traveling side to side, or elevate, or descend to another plain for a grander or lesser experience, whichever we feel we can handle.
Just as we needed to see proof that the world was not flat and that aura’s exist, there are some that will need to see proof before they could possibly believe any of the matters I speculate upon. But, in the meanwhile, some will test the theory and find their own truths.
Consider the thought of your own father hanging out and being useful now…once in that place, where this is possible, you feel a confirmation, a current running through you, an impact as deep within you as your bones. Perhaps you’ve already considered this and enjoy walks with him, brief visits or long conversations. I certainly hope so and feel it is so.
I explained this concept to my sister when our mother passed away. Soon after, she called to say she understood. While in the yard, tending to the garden that meant something to them both, she felt mom visit. She got it. She found a new truth because she was open to exploring the possibility.
Always (which also takes on a new meaning),

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