Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
Photographer Patricia Gulick

Sunday, October 31, 2021

10/31/21 RMB Two Accidents


10/31/21 RMB  Two Accidents

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

While driving home last night I found myself in a lane blocked by police cars surrounding sideways vehicles. The accident so recently happened that the police had not yet started directing traffic. Drivers edged passed the incident, finding clear paths wherever we could, allowing for a bubble around the wreckage for those involved to reset their lives; for the police to help as best they could.

On another street, eight miles away, I found myself approaching more flashing lights, another accident. This one had flares surrounding the cops and the broken cars. One officer waived us into a side street.

Neither had an ambulance. Hopefully there were no serious injuries. Needless to say, I drove even more carefully than normal the rest of the way home.

Life takes us down paths. Sometimes there are hard stops and resets, as with those in the accidents. Sometimes there are detours. Often there are bumps that leave bruises.

We have choices and every choice comes with some sort of obstacle. The paths we take may be difficult, but here’s the rub. The chirping bird, the dazzling sunset, that special song, every path has them and so much more.

The joy we carry within has a matching vibration in something right before us. Let it connect and suddenly a touch, a sound, a thought, a site, becomes delightful, eternally linked to our souls.

Face each day as a quest for the uplifting magical essence in life and it will be found. Face each obstacle knowing that what is in you is grander than whatever it is.

These are the lessons I’m reminded of as I follow my path, detours, obstacles and all.

Onward we go,


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