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Gulf Shores
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Monday, April 30, 2018

4/30/18 RMB Billie Jean King and RMB Books

4/30/18 RMB Billie Jean King and RMB Books

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I just finished Cat’s Eyewitness. I would enjoy an entire book about Boom Boom’s new romance! As always, it was a joy to spend time with Harry, her animal companions, and friends in Crozet.

I also read the Hunt Ball. Your description of the hunting ventures makes one feel the thrill of the fox hunt.

The unraveling of the mysteries in each novel held my attention and kept me guessing along the way.

This weekend I sat back and watched Battle of the Sexes a movie about Billie Jean King’s tennis match with Bobby Riggs. It was very well done. As someone who lived through the hoopla, I feel they nailed it. I especially enjoyed the extra features, including an interview with Billie Jean King herself.

April zoomed by and tomorrow starts a new month. What an interesting world we live in, where time marches on and our biggest battles are the same with each generation. A new spin here and there keeps the flame alive and the battlegrounds raging.

Keep the words flowing,