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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

12/31/17 RMB Happy New Year!

12/31/17 RMB Happy New Year!

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Another year has zoomed by.

In this year some of us faced more challenges than others, all of us had something, at some point or another to laugh about, or be thankful for, or embrace.

My brother faced health challenges and overcame them to be with us at our family reunion. I was thankful that, once again, he could sit across the table from us, tease us, laugh with us, and give us comfort in his very special way. He is a great brother, always has been. And beyond that, he is a great man.

So we embark on a new year. I look forward to reading more of your books, although at the rate you write them, I don’t know if I will ever catch up to your current publication. I am in the middle of Whisker of Evil.

I look forward to accomplishing more and being more of who I want to be in the new year. Although I am happy with who I am, I think it human nature to always want to move forward. I pray that those who guide our country, and the many other counties that comprise our world, see the the wisdom in allowing us to move forward together, as one humankind.

In The Four Agreements, a book of Toltec wisdom, author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the following keys.

1.      Be impeccable with your word.
2.      Don't take anything personally.
3.      Don't make assumptions.
4.      Always do your best.

Sounds like a good plan for the new year to me :)

Happy New Year!