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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

12-27-13 RMB Whisper

12-27-13 RMB Whisper 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Sometimes words gather in me and when I work out their arrangement, friends call them poems. Over the last few weeks, these words have come together. There is influence from you and my new desert friend in this, as well as generations past and those to come.

Sharing words, sharing worlds,


Whisper My Name

Whisper my name                                                       
Speak peace into me
Laugh joy upon me
Echo our past
Tell our future
Voice justice for all
Cry freedom
Rant and Rave until heard
Share truth
Sing praise
Cheer for one and all           
Say we can, before we fall

Whisper the possibility
Speak that we might listen
Laugh that we might join
Echo what was
Tell what could be
Voice our potential
Cry glad tears
Rant and Rave of our progress
Share all that we are
Sing our harmony
Cheer on inspiration
Say we are one, our final destination. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

12-26-13 RMB Frequency

12-26-13 RMB Frequency

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Here is just a quick note with Christmas highlights. My new desert friend Teddy Norene Tapscott has given me free rein to “play”. I look into an energy field and, like reading a book or working a puzzle, I piece together her history, moments of significance, memories and the players in her life’s story. I see her soul’s progression. I put what I see into words and describe places, people and feelings.

It takes a very strong person to allow such access. And every time it happens, I am honored. Especially, when the person granting such insight, is taken aback by what I unearth. It happens every time, and with each encounter, I am as amazed as the person opening up to me.

It is a learning experience for me and the other person. The gifts are the teacher. They teach of possibilities. I know that will make sense to you.

Along those lines, I am surrounded by Christmas gifts from friends and family. A niece, who is also my best buddy, namesake, and an actress, Rochelle Loraine Ibarra, has gifted me with the book Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce. She knows me well.

They have me open any books I get lastly, as I begin reading them right away. This is a good book and, although I just started it, I recommended it to anyone working to understand how the unseen widgets of life work. 

Another fun gift is a T-Shirt with Minions from the Despicable Me animated movie that says “One in a Minion” from the moms of my nephew trio. Excellent movie! Minions Rock.

My sisters’ and other family member gifts include their presence, which is as priceless as the “Tech Support” gifted by my genius nephew Ray Shane Ibarra. Smarts are among his gifts. We are all gifted with hidden treasures. Unveiling them is part of life’s adventure. And sharing them is our pleasure.

All in all joy abounds, gifts rain all around, laughter is plenty, hugs are many and life is good.

Christmas blessings to you,


Friday, July 25, 2014

12-24-13 RMB Merry Christmas Eve

12-24-13 RMB Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve Rita Mae Brown,

On the way home from work, I pulled the car over to call my new desert friend, before getting home and jumping into Christmas Eve mode with the family. I like how our found family grows as we go through life. New friendships become unexpected treasures. Hearts and lives expand to welcome another within our circles.

It is a bit eerie when you get to know someone and there is the feeling of them returning to the fold, returning to fill a cosmic place holder kept open, awaiting their particular signature on your life.  

Once home, my sister and I are off to pick up my nephew trio. They cheerily deliver gifts to Carol, our friend and their sitter with a pool, although she is a favorite for more reasons than that. She is family, found family.

After a good meal sprinkled with talk of the season, elaborating on this special day with three young souls who are building their life’s holiday memories in these moments, we take leave into a cool California night. On the way home we stall, giving the mom’s more Christmas Eve prep time. With Christmas songs playing on the CD, we count houses with Christmas lights displaying cheer in our neighborhood. We stopped counting at 300, but got to 311 as we neared the boys’ home.

One of our favorite CD’s is Helen Reddy singing holiday standards. It takes me back to where she was at the point in time when she sang those songs, making that CD. Thinking of your notes in the Monticello book about the past effecting the future, I marvel at the web of our lives and the distance our actions travel.

As I settle in at home, emailing my new friend and writing RMB letters, I am thankful for my blessings.

May your days fill with blessings too,