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Rainbow Bear Light Dancer

Rainbow Bear Light Dancer Messages from Ten Bears began as well wishes from one friend to another, both with Bear Indian guides. Both believing in something a little beyond the here and now. Today, they are sent your way, to you. May whatever message you read today, be yours also.
Oh, wf stands for wonderful friend. Thank you for joining us.

Posted 4/11/16

Enchanting Rainbow Bear Light Dancer,
The dawn brings sunlight to brighten our world, as eternally promised. May you find friendship and kinship in every corner of your day, assistance for wishes fulfilled. 

Build your day’s foundation, confident in your strength and trusting in your vision for your life’s journey. You will overcome every obstacle. You will learn and grow from every struggle, as the butterfly gains the strength it will need when it struggles to free itself from the cocoon, you too will gain insight and power from the challenges before you.

Your path has brought you here, where all your previous struggles led you to being the person that you are, complete with the gifts that you have received and the gifts you have given, too numerous to count.

Seize the day, whatever it may bring, it is yours to sculpt.

Sending you life’s warm embrace,
Your wf Ten Bears

Posted 2/9/16

Dear Rainbow Bear Light Dancer,
The wind joined me on my walk. I asked if it was the same wind that visited you and it danced around me in delight. “I am the wind, all wind”, it responded, “how could I not be the ‘same’ wind?” In this life we are taught that distance in time and physical space create a divide. There is no divide in the flow of energy. The wind reminds me of that. Walk with the wind wherever you go. Feel it bring my “hello” as it reminds you of your connection to everything else.

Your WF Ten Bears

Posted 5/24/15

Precious Bear Light Dancer,
Some days bring their joy to us and in others simply present a platform for us to make our own contribution. Each day, a friend in itself, offers all it can and sometimes it is up to us to return the friendship. If that I could wish you only joy, peace and all that is good, to have it shower down upon you, I would. Yet I would be remiss if I did not also wish you strength and wisdom to know when that joy must come from within you and pour outwards.

So many times in your life, your gentle smile has brought joy, comfort and consolation to others. And at times in your life, when comfort would be welcomed by you, it is continually requested of you, sometimes even by those creating the circumstances that cause you to need comforting. As we give we receive. The comfort you offer may appear to be for others, but it returns to you in the form of peace within your own heart. It returns with the wind’s gentle caress and playful push. It is showered down upon you in the starlight. It is brought to you in words from a new friend and embraces from old friends. It is abundant. Give freely of it and know that it is being returned to you. Know that I am with you, wherever you are, sent to return comfort to you equal to that which you give.

With blessings to you,
Your wf Ten Bears

Posted 3/22/15
Dear Bear Light Dancer Norene,
Today, as the sun is rising, may you feel comfort from the embrace of your friends and family. We are walking with you every day. Smiling down from heaven, sending smiles your way from earth, Joy from the past and moments to Explore from your future, all as much yours as we, ourselves, are. Thank you for receiving these daily reminders in the spirit they are sent, with hope and appreciation for the person you are and all the enchanting qualities you add to our world and our time.

Hugs and devotion to you,
Your wf Ten Bears

Posted 1/1/15

Maravilloso Bear Light Dancer,
Let the day embrace you. Let the day tell you how precious you are. In each moment we move forward in life. They practically run past us. Catch a few. Hold them in your hands, in your heart and in your mind by marking their presence with your joy, your laughter and your words. Enjoy them. Smile with them.

They are numerous, like the minions in Despicable me. The minions are adorable, fun, happy, eager to move on to any and every task with glee. Your moments are that way. They appear automatically, eager to please, open to suggestion, wide eyed with wonder and possibility. And no matter what happens in each moment, the next will pop up, “I’m here! My turn!” Enjoy your moments. They are as precious as you are.

With warm embraces and gratitude for you,
Your wf Ten Bears

Dearest Bear Light Dancer,
You have come a long way and the journey hasn’t always been easy. Fortunately for you and those near you, you have weathered the storms and come to today a wiser, more loving, kinder soul who cherishes this life experience, despite the hardships. The hurdles you face now are small potatoes compared to those you have taken head on in your past. And, because of your past and who you have become, opportunities will continue to present themselves to you. Very soon you will see that this hurdle, difficult as it may be today, was a step towards something better, a better place for you, and ultimately an even better you.

The world is your oyster right now.
Your wf Ten Bears

Wonderful Friend Bear Light Dancer,

Life tosses us into wild and crazy scenarios and sometimes we wonder what’s going on, trying to piece together reason and logic into life’s plan for us. Let go of logic and reason for today. Feel the freedom that comes with living in the moment. Allow the day to be wild and unpredictable. Enjoy each kernel of spontaneity. Play.

Look at anyone that crosses your path today. Truly look at them, their life, their moments shared with you. Whether they are kind or not, whether your time together is brief or annoyingly long, wish them well. Watch as your well wishes return to you at days end in myriad of ways.  

Your wf forever more,

Ten Bears

Dear Rainbow Bear Light Dancer,
For tomorrow, I wish for you a day that delights you at every turn. May sincere embraces and truth fill your day, may the earth hold you and the wind whisper its truth.

You are a child of light. Shine on.
Your wf Ten Bears

Buenos Dias Bear Light Dancer mi Amiga Querida,

Today I wish you a day filled with tactile pleasures, whether from a delicate touch or the feeling of accomplishment when you write a verse or cook a meal, feeling your hands create, movement and force, flowing through you, bringing forth sustenance of body and soul. Enjoy the wind’s caress, the sun’s warmth and the earth’s strong platform beneath your feet, your life’s stage, complete with bold lighting, sound effects and supporting characters, of which I am honored to be one.

Abrazos para siempre mas,

Your wf Ten Bears

Peace to Bear Light Dancer,
May peace be with you today.
Breathe in its goodness, its strength and power.
Know that I am with you, just a thought away.
Your wf Ten Bears