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Saturday, February 29, 2020

2/29/20 RMB Leap Year and a tinkering Universe

2/29/20 RMB Leap Year and a tinkering Universe 

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Happy Leap Year!

It fits, for me anyway. I’ll be leaping from my place of employment for 23 years into a new adventure. The owners of our small publishing company have decided to let loose the reins. 

The press will still exist and there will still be books to sell. And I am likely, at this point anyway, to be the person selling them.

My office will no longer be miles away, but only yards, in my own living room. As much as I wished it would not come to this, as uncomfortable as change is, a thought occurred to me yesterday.

Be careful what you wish for, they say.  

Here’s the thing. When I knew my job would be disappearing soon, my only plan was to find someplace closer to home and where I could still wear jeans to work. Guess what, working from home as a contracted sales rep fits that bill.

Furthermore, a dream of several years has been to write books, travel and sell them. Recently, judging from the likelihood of being able to support myself on that alone and in light of my snail’s pace in writing, I added hosting Tarot classes and giving Tarot readings to the mix as I travel about.

“Well”, the Universe says, “here you go. You will soon be self-employed and selling books. Get busy. Write some of your own to include! And work up that Tarot thing too.”  

The thought of leaving a steady job to be on my own was scary, too scary to do it on my own, too scary to walk into work and give my notice. And now, here I am being set up by the new ownership, helped financially, with equipment, furniture, you name it. The Universe saw my fears and responded with kindness, encouragement, and all the tools I need to be successful.

And I didn’t see it right away. I spun it around in my mind, the tasks, the challenges, the new owner’s assistance, the set up and reality of it. A light dawned and the ah-ha connection was made. This is what I asked for. This is what I envisioned. This really is how the Universe works.

Be careful what you ask for,