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Gulf Shores
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Friday, July 31, 2015

7/30/15 RMB Magic and the Dance

7/30/15 RMB  Magic and the Dance

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Some days have higher highs and lower lows. In the end we strike a balance. To those injured and ill we send healing. And we cover the bases in between.

Last night I attended Reverend Millie Landis’ Wednesday Night Forum for the first time in too long. My nephew trio accompanied me. To church seemed an appropriate course to take, after the day’s egg-fighting fiasco.

Upon arrival, hugs were shared, as we discussed those who were with us in spirit, although illness may have removed them from our presence. Familiar faces have aged. The green chairs have dimmed ever so slightly and there is a new invisible layer of something else on them, something left behind from touch, people sitting in them, stacking them, moving them about for classes and services. They are as comfortable as ever though. The people, they may be older, but their hearts are the same at the core.

There is new paint on the walls. And there are new faces among those gathered, like Maria’s Kat, who have found the magic and speak its praises. And it takes me back. I remember the first insights and acknowledgements, happy to be in a place where the magic is shared and celebrated.

The boys and I discuss the source of such blessings on our way home, full of cookies and cupcakes and a little spicy guacamole. They have all the answers, in their combined wisdom at ten, eleven and thirteen years of age. I hope to know them when they are posing the next generation’s questions.

Tonight Teddy Tapscott and Diane are on the road traveling from our southern California desert to northern California for a Native American dance, another kind of magic. There they will honor our universe with its generation’s past and future, by drumming and singing sacred songs for the dancers. Tonight they will drive until midnight and greet the sun tomorrow with more driving to reach their destination on time.

The Indian guide that Reverend Millie introduced me to, Ten Bears, will ride with them and watch over them on their journey, as will Teddy’s Rainbow Bear Light Dancer. 

I am reading Anita Moorjani’s Dying To Be Me. She writes of living in the “magnificence”, whatever form it may take for you. Somewhere between the day’s highs and lows, while holding tight to the magic, when I look carefully, I catch a glimpse of that “magnificence”. It shines through the magic and the Dance.

Many happy returns,


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