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Gulf Shores
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7/14/15 RMB Tiny Triumphs of Individuality

7/14/15 RMB Tiny Triumphs of Individuality

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I am mid-way through Riding Shotgun and enjoying it very much. Below are a few lines I found particularly impactful.

“The sound of their voices, the cadence of their footfalls, those tiny triumphs of individuality, how vivid they were in her memory.”

“The past always seemed clear enough, but now she knew that wasn’t true either. She realized that when a generation passes, they take with it their breath, their laughter, the color of their lives like a flag of being.”

“Tiny triumphs of individuality” and “the color of their lives”, these are poetic.

Also thought provoking was “Ignorance demands constant effort.” Indeed.

Write on,


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