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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/12/15 RMB Comic-Con Effect

7/12/15 RMB Comic-Con Effect

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Forty-five years after a handful of friends first gathered to celebrate the art of comics, the San Diego International Comic Convention draws to a close on this final day of events and panels for 2015.

In the late 80’s, I remember attending the con and the feeling of walking into another world. Adults dressed in costumes, conversations covered everything from superpowers to populating other worlds and story lines were discussed passionately.

It was a gathering were everyone had a place and everything was possible. Words flowed between strangers. New friendships formed. Artistic collaborations were born.

What if we had a world where ideas were traded and visions were shared, where everyone was welcome into the conversation? The Comic-Con enabled that world to exist, if only for a few days.

Now with comics still at the core, film, literature, and a variety of art forms are celebrated. I believe it has grown more for the magic of what it represents than for the power of the latest blockbuster featured.

I remember being a teen and sitting among the remnants of the con, after the last doors were locked, just to relish the atmosphere a few moments longer.

This year, the youngest of my nephew trio walked “the floor” with me. We inched our way along the crowded aisles in the middle of the massive dealer room, surrounded by comics and more: art, figurines, t-shirts, pins, buttons, cards, games, toys, autographed photos, posters, any and everything related to the trade. Movie clips played overhead.

He looked at the products offered, glancing here and there, only interested in traveling down the next row and the next one after that. I asked the ten-year old, “If you aren’t looking for anything in particular, why did you want to come?”

He spread out his arms as much as our confined space would allow, looked upwards towards the high ceiling and said, “To see this. I like being here.”

Ah, yes. The magic. It lives.


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