Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

8/8/15 RMB Janie

8/8/15 RMB Janie

Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Some lives leave sweet memories and so much more. 

“Sit right here,” she said, tapping the seats right behind her place at the piano. 

“I don’t want the boys to bother you while you’re playing. We can sit over there.” I motioned across the church. 

“No, sit right here.” She re-stated, more of a command the second time. The youngest sat the closest. He was around seven then. Through the service, he watched her play intently. He loves music and she welcomed his eagerness to observe. 

About ten years earlier, I shared a writing with her. She set it to music. A couple of Sunday’s later, I found myself reciting it in front of our church as she played piano behind me. I became braver, because of her. 

She was a mother, a friend, a church pianist, a music teacher and a brave soul, with a hug that seemed meant for me every time I saw her. 

Today Janie is playing her music with the angels.



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