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Gulf Shores
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

7/25/15 RMB 1920’s to 2010’s

7/25/15 RMB 1920’s to 2010’s

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Downton Abbey captured the hearts of people who have captured mine. Thus began my interest in the show. Teddy gifted me with seasons 1-4 and it hooked me early on. Show after show, the characters’ lives unfold, from the 1910’s to the 1920’s.

I find it difficult at times to watch the class divisions, but interesting how year after year, a thread of humanness weaves its way from individual to individual, regardless of their class. One character, a young white female of standing, becomes infatuated with a man of color. In the commentary, behind the scenes creators share how hard it is to imagine such a time when this relationship was unacceptable and dangerous.

Here in 2015, when our news is filled with crimes of prejudice, when friends email each other about rising above hate crimes by sharing kindness, when Facebook posts honor the deaths of those who dared to be different or question the system, it is unfortunately all too easy to imagine.

Progress is too slow when the luxury of time holds the cost of lives lost.

Respect, kindness and peace, to one and all,


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