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Gulf Shores
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Friday, July 17, 2015

7/17/15 RMB Birthday’s End

7/17/15 RMB Birthday’s End

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Birthday cards from dawn to dusk, well wishes by phone, email and text, gifts and visits, hugs and flowers, so begins my 51st year. And my 50th ends. 

Today the sweet treats are almost gone and the vase of blossoms go home with me from the office. I am feeling blessed and perplexed.

On this day after my birthday, more than on most days, I wonder. What is it we celebrate? How much of me is there in the giving as I receive these gifts? They are for me, not given out randomly to strangers. They fulfill my wishes, preferences and likes. Is this simply an exchange of gratitude? Are our lives an integration of selves?

A date on the calendar, with its sunrise and starry night, appears much like the day before and the one that will follow. Yet, when we gather, we share an essence of being. As if to capture a moment before it slips away, we mark our days with festivities, so no being will pass unnoticed, every life will leave a mark before it moves on. Each will have their moment, in some way, at some time. Somewhere below the laughter, the words and the eye contact, bridges are built.

Person to person, one generation to the next, we carry one anothers wishes and dreams. Our pulses quicken or relax as we learn each others rhythm. This path we travel is part of a grander scheme than any one of us could devise, where each is made strong by carrying anothers burden, made wise through anothers lessons and made kind with the blessing of anothers Light.



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