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Gulf Shores
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

2-21-14 RMB Past Live And Future Possibilities

2-21-14 RMB Past Live And Future Possibilities

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Today is an important day in my small universe. It is the first day that my new friend Teddy is free from her most recent employment. I am incredibly fortunate that she honored me with the heads up, almost two months in advance, about the impending lay off. In this short time we have gone from work associates to best of friends.

It was almost instantaneous. After working with each other for years, talking business on a weekly basis, we seemed to say, in unison, “I know you.” Once, when voicing how surprised I was by our strong connection in such a short amount of time she responded, “Oh, it’s been lifetimes.”

Shortly thereafter, those words jogged a memory. I am not an expert on geography or dialects nor history, yet when I pieced together what I heard and saw in the memory, the location on the map that I was sure we occupied and the time frame, it all made sense. I don’t wish to bore you with details and this blog isn’t about proving anything beyond the shadow of a doubt, because wherever one wishes to doubt, they will find cause to.

This blog is about voicing possibilities and sharing what I know. It is about how I use that knowing to piece together the puzzle of our existence. Almost everyone will agree, that there is more to some relationships than others. There is a mystical connection.

Jumping into the future, I see there is a significant time approaching for this friend and myself ten years from now. We will be close and one may depend on the other for support of some sort. I’ve learned that fortune telling the future is tricky business. Our free will enables us to change course, making what appears an absolute target today, a far cry from the reality of tomorrow. And, of course, those who doubt we have the ability to see beyond today, will doubt no matter how accurate the prophecy.

Now it is time for me to wish you well on this day and always. I wish Teddy well in the new adventure she is embarking on. I look forward to reading more writing from both of you.

Ever glad your paths have crossed mine…this time,


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