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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3/5/14 RMB Honey Maid

3/5/14 RMB Honey Maid

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

I like the new Graham Cracker commercial that depicts a variety of families and has the tag line “Honey Maid, every day wholesome snacks for every wholesome family.” There is quite a bit of buzz about it, mostly positive too. It is interesting that we live in a world where every single person is unique, yet many struggle to make us all the same and are downright angry that we dare to depict and celebrate our differences in the media.

Other companies have ventured into recognizing relationships of all kinds. There is a French commercial for an American fast food chain that shows a young man dining with his father who tells him it’s too bad he goes to an all boy school, without much chance to meet someone special there, as they look at a class picture. When the father leaves to get their meal, he converses by phone with a classmate that appears to be more than a classmate. It is a sweet moment…yet somewhat bittersweet.

New relationships start with two, before family and friends are made aware, but some relationships face more challenges than others as they progress. It is obvious in the commercial that this young man’s relationship, if ever brought to light, will face some challenges.

History shows us growing in compassion, looking beyond handicaps, race, gender and persuasions. And with every step forward, there is an awareness of how far we have yet to go. The fact that these commercials are making the news and causing some to roar in protest, tells me we are not there yet, more tolerant, but not quite yet compassionate or understanding.

What if the commercial showed the father with his son and boyfriend all sharing a meal together? The fact that the relationship is hidden says a lot.

For those speaking out fueled by prejudice and fear, perhaps one day their words will be as unacceptable, unthinkable even, as would words today spoken in favor of slavery or segregation or even putting a woman in her place. Yeah, one day.

Looking forward to still better days,


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