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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2-22-14 RMB Murder in Monticello

2-22-14 RMB Murder in Monticello

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

The best part about doing laundry on this Saturday was almost finishing Murder in Monticello while waiting for wash and dry cycles to run their course.

I found a few sections so compelling that I was forced to dog ear corners of my book. The first one speaks of history as one of the characters states: “It is alive. These walls breathe. Everything that everyone did or did not do throughout the course of human life on earth impacts us. Everything!”

Hear, hear! Yes! Spot on! Absolutely!

The following excerpt was just great writing: He shot out of his chair and in an instant towered over her, his bulk an assault against her frailty without his even lifting a hand.
…his bulk an assault against her frailty…quite eloquently put.

Oh, oh, one more: Being young when he joined Jim Craig’s practice, Larry had looked up to his partner, but now, as an old man, he could measure him in the fullness of his own experience.

…he could measure him in the fullness of his own experience. It is phrases like that which beg me to ask for more Rita Mae Brown poetry. I think it lives, either within you or on some tablet tucked away. Or perhaps, it is here, in your novels that it speaks in a clever twist of a phrase, a word not often used or used in an unusual way, fitted as a key to a lock, opening up the mind to a new avenue, as poetry does.

Soon I will put this book to rest, looking forward to the next in line, Dolley: A Novel of Dolley Madison in Love and War. I may even begin to enjoy laundry day, and if so, it will be to your credit for the many good reads you have provided.

Thanks Rita Mae Brown,


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