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Friday, November 1, 2013

7-27-13 RMB Divine Elegance

7-27-13 RMB Divine Elegance
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Today I discovered a new letter on your website. What a treasure your words are, revealing the treasure that you are. Why?
Hmm, because there is a tint of mischief in you. Because, while the rest of us struggle with what ifs, you move on to what’s next. While we map and plan and think, you do. There is a divine elegance in your connection to nature, a purity about it.
In art class as a teen, we were assigned the task of drawing or painting a portrait. I painted my beloved dog, Lady. The subject a classmate chose was Rod Stewart, her own version of a portrait on one of his album covers. She adored him. I was not a big fan and didn’t see why on earth she would swoon so at the mention of his name. I barely knew her and yet, his affect on her was obvious and a bit over the top.
When we displayed our work, my Lady was barely adequate. I had hoped to convey her magic, how important she was to me, how important she was period. It got a decent grade. But, when I looked at the classmate’s re-creation of Rod, I was amazed. I had seen the album cover in stores. This was back when albums were in stores. I was not impressed, did not find him attractive at all.
However, the image she created, although it was technically the same image, captured everything magical about him that drew her in. Through her art, I saw the Rod that she saw and it all made sense. She smoothed his rough edges, made him beautiful. From that day forward, I saw Rod differently. I listened to his songs, his voice, more carefully. I became a fan.
Your words about nature, of life, have the same affect. Through your art, your words, we see nature as you do…and life makes more sense in a way.
Yes, I agree with your statement in the letter, “reading is breathing for the mind.” I’ve discovered a new author that I like, new to me, Gerri Hill. I’ve only read one book The Killing Room, but I have two others in line to read because I liked her style, her voice, that much. If you like Georgia Beers, I think you would like Gerri Hill. Her stories have more grit and are a bit darker, but the style is similar, at least in this one book. I enjoyed it.
I am also finishing Bingo, not quite ready to let it go, just reading a page here or there to prolong the association.
Many happy doodles,

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