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Monday, November 4, 2013

7-29-13 RMB Jillian Michaels

7-29-13 RMB Jillian Michaels
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I am working out daily now. The weight loss has slowed considerably, but the toning continues. I shed fractions of pounds weekly now, instead of multiples of them.
I checked out DVD’s of Jillian Michaels’ workouts from the library for ideas. I liked it enough to go buy some of them and somewhere along the way, I looked her up on the internet. I knew she was a part of the Biggest Loser show. I watch very little TV and have not even seen a full episode, but I like how she comes across in the videos. I like her positive attitude and the no nonsense style in which she motivates others.
I was not aware that she is “family”, as some of my gay friends would say. Now, I Iike her more.  Because now I know at least one struggle she faced. How we deal with it, from what angle we view the struggle, it differs in as many ways as there are individuals in the mix. Yet there is a certain commonality.
I often remind myself that those who have gone the farthest, achieved the most, often have come from the farthest back. It is as though a momentum builds that propels them beyond the average. She is definitely above average in many ways. She inspires others to be more than they would have been had she not touched their lives.
I think it is great that a certain type of person, once disparaged by most, and still disparaged by some, can be such an inspiration to many. I think it is sad that this is such a great thing. It means that we, those of us…all of us, that comprise humanity have had to come from that far behind and we have not yet found the best we can be. We have not yet risen above our own past. The momentum is building. Here’s hoping it carries us through…for one and all…for every one.
Here’s hoping,

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