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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

8-2-13 RMB Invincible

8-2-13 RMB Invincible
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
I had dinner with an old friend a couple of nights ago, actually she is an ex-boss, my first at my current place of employment. She was the first person to interview me, the first to take a chance on me and move me on to the next level of interviews. Now, a decade and a half later, I’m still there and she has moved on. It felt good to reconnect.
I like the emphasis you place on friends in your books, on human interaction in general. Gently indicating ways that we offer one another comfort, where we fall short of that and to what end our efforts eventually place us.
I’ve written a few poems about friends. This is one, written with one person in mind, yet it applies universally to all I call “friend”. I wrote it in 2005, long before I heard your name, yet it fits you as well as any other willing to stand by me.
In your eyes, I saw a friend, before you ever spoke a word
Your voice held the echo of thoughts spoken, once only heard
as whispers in my mind, sheltered and warm,
until you returned to claim them, as your own.

Your presence brings a peace, a calm I crave,
Your strength is powerful, yet gentle, for one so brave.
There is comfort in your rhythm and familiar pace.
It is, as it once was, in another time and place

I have missed you, as though we met before.
With you nearby, I want to draw a sword,
to take all wrongs and make them right.
Together, we fight the good fight.

Sounds of battle, once in armor,
rage on today, amid the clamor.
You were brave then, too.
And I was stronger then, because of you.

Walk alongside this foolish one, slightly insane or truly wise,
who knows beyond reason, there is a friend in your eyes.
Invincible are we two.
My friend, I have missed you.

Your compadre,

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