Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

8-23-13 RMB America Book 2

8-23-13 RMB America Book 2
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
The first America book is not yet finished and the second is already writing itself, with ideas for the third screaming for attention as well. It’s an interesting experience to have the imaginary characters accompany me wherever I go, popping in with paragraphs, storylines and insights to their fictional relationships. I am listening to the story. As I write the words, I am sharing it, not creating it.
I wonder about the many characters that visit with you, the many RMB books yet to write.
And as I go for my walk, which sometimes creeps up to a jog, I wonder how much of our life we actually command and how much of it lay before us to be absorbed and observed.
I listen for direction from the wind and learn more from being in a place of listening, than from anything I might hear. Somewhere in that place of listening, one can hear the future.
Walk on,

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