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Monday, November 18, 2013

8-15-13 RMB Wish You Were Here

8-15-13 RMB Wish You Were Here
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
Today I was reading Wish You Were Here, the first book co-authored by Sneaky Pie Brown. I like how you introduce the characters in the beginning, with the “Cast of Characters” page. For someone like me, with an awful memory, I will be referring to it now and then I’m sure.
I like that you credit Sneaky Pie with co-authorship. A quote by an unnamed source states “The person who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog.” I agree, feeling the same goes for any animal friend.
My cat now takes to laying alongside the laptop as I type, however you will not see Smores credited with co-authorship. He hinders more than helps the process. I applaud you for your patience. For animals to have played such an intricate part of your life, you must have made concessions.
With animals, I find we receive so much more than we give, yet there are so many of them still in need of a home, shelter and attention. We pay millions a year, as a nation, to therapists and forms of therapy, from vacations to massages, while ignoring an abundance of energy just waiting to be bestowed on someone. Love, affection, kindness, joy, it’s all there in a furry or feathered or scaly bundle. I hear turtles make great friends.
A friend once had a parakeet that was quite mean in his early days, but in his last year he mellowed to the point that he would curl up on your shoulder to sleep or crawl up your sleeve or inside your shirt to bed down on your belly. His tiny claws tickled. Maybe he was just trying to stay warm, but it seemed like more than that. As soon as you approached his cage, he became animated, expecting to be held.
I watch our three boys. They argue and struggle to dominate one another or the conversation or a game and it seems there is no peace to be found in them. Then one will march off to take up counsel with the dog. He gently strokes her head and a blanket of calmness shrouds both the boy and the dog. Peace is restored.
Perhaps all leaders that hold meetings should do so with each attendee holding a puppy? Imagine that for just a second. Just the thought brings a smile.
Keep smiling,

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