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Saturday, September 28, 2013

7-9-13 RMB Humankind

7-9-13 RMB Humankind
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
In Bingo, the follow up book to Six of One, that you wrote in 1988, I enjoyed Nickie’s talk with Jackson, where she expounds on how it is to society’s benefit for everyone to be open and honest about who they are and what they want. It saves time and heartache; adds to societal efficiency and therefore the responsibility rests on society to make people comfortable being themselves.
Yes, it would benefit everyone for society to encourage us to be so transparent. Personally, I think if people were honest with themselves we would understand that all people are bisexual and simply fall in varying degrees on the scale, from one end: same gender attraction, to the other: opposite gender attraction. Your explanation of the Blue Dot Theory, and other writings, indicate you have considered something along these lines.
I find this extremely odd: we live in a society that acknowledges masturbation and, indeed loving oneself in a variety of ways, as a part of being human that adds to a pleasurable lifetime experience, a healthy psyche. “Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself. Acknowledge your own beauty” etc, etc. etc.
It seems blatantly contradictory to tell a person that their own body is beautiful, sensual, and something to be enjoyed on several levels, including physically…however, it is disgusting, disgraceful and wrong to find another person of the same gender attractive and sensual. They have the same equipment!
That is like saying that on Tuesdays chocolate is wonderful and to be consumed en mass for personal and societal benefit, but on Wednesday, it is outlawed. HELLO, it is the same CHOCOLATE!
Society is full of contradictions. A similar example is how each religion claims to have the one all powerful God. How is it said God overlooks the many that don’t live in a region where that religion is available for worshippers?
My respect for religion lay in the basic teachings. All that I have encountered teach kindness; do unto others as you would have them do to you; be thankful; be helpful, etc. Some have even stretched themselves, grown more open and accepting of others. If they could all live what they preach, wow.
My nephew is an Eagle Scout. I appreciate all that the Scouts taught him. During one conversation in his youth, long before he knew my personal history, I mentioned that the only thing I did not like about them was their prejudice against gay people. He responded that he didn’t like that either. “But, if only closed minded people join, then they will stay closed minded. Things will only change if open minded people are a part of the organization.” He was a wise boy and has since grown to be a wise man. The Boy Scouts are currently voting to change their policy, his “vote” counting all the more for his participation in Scouts.
Things can improve for all, if we all participate in the organization we refer to as humankind. Even the word itself should tell us something…humankind.

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