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Saturday, September 7, 2013

6-24-13 RMB Words That Sway Destiny

6-24-13 RMB Words That Sway Destiny
Dear Rita Mae Brown,
My editor, my friend, has informed me there are still places in my story, the almost a novel story America, that don’t work. Today it contains 50,800 words and apparently needs more, more description, more explanation, but I am no longer prompted to add more sex, whew.
I may sound like a push over, complying to my reviewers directives. But I find that with each re-write, I like the story better. They draw from me that which they know I have inside of me. I am fortunate to have such friends, members of my Writer’s Circle. We have been meeting monthly-ish for nearly a decade.
Sometimes I think we meet to socialize, because we are more friends than writers. Then one of us reads something written and we are reminded of why we call this group a Writer’s Circle. It is because we can write words that transport, affect and leave a resonance. It is because we see something more in words than the alphabet.
We see the future, the past, and the possibilities of life. We see how writing gives those elements a voice, a translation from the ethereal to the solid.
Society honors authors, poets…has there ever been a philosopher that was not an author or whose teachings were not authored by someone? Even scientists, whose work unveils the mysteries of our universe, must write for their findings to be brought to light, for them to lend knowledge to future generations, making their work twofold, research and writing, to be complete.
I still wonder sometimes about the whys for these RMB letters. Many answers have occurred to me and yet I know there is more. I write as a form of passive activism…for more than gay rights, for kindness, for mutual respect and understanding for all. I write to make a connection with one person and, via the internet, with the world; to connect this one person I admire with some that might not have otherwise connected to you. I write to explain what I have learned about the mystical side of life…my own scientific research of sorts.
Those are some reasons I can put into words. There are others. One revolves around something that has not happened yet. There will be a time when an event occurs, related to these letters, and that event will be one reason for them that I can not see clearly at this time. But I know with a knowing that haunts me that it is so.
Perhaps the event is a series of events or simply one person reading the letters who then becomes someone different than they otherwise would have more understanding? Perhaps I will never know in this lifetime, as Anne Frank never knew the impact of her diary on the world in her short life. She knows now. Of that I am certain.
It is not myself or even my own words, that I credit or honor regarding these letters. It is the words themselves, mine and other’s. Words of kindness and insight hold great power. They can sway destiny.
Eternally yours,

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