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Monday, September 23, 2013

7-6-13 RMB Georgia Beers

7-6-13 RMB Georgia Beers

Dear Rita Mae Brown,

Georgia Beers is another author I admire. While putting the final touches on America, I read one of her books, Too Close to Touch. Then I went back and revised my almost-a-novel because, after reading her love story, what mine lacked was obvious. Then I visited her website It’s a wonder I get much writing done. 

Anyway, on her website there are two videos. One is a talk she did at the 2013 Gold Crown Literary Society Conference, where she was the keynote speaker, and the other is “A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer.” Both are fun to watch. 

I know computers are not your thing, but there is likely someone in your life that can fire up a website on an ipad or a smart phone or some other contraption. And, if among the hundred other things you are doing at any given moment, you are so inclined to check out the videos, I think you will find Georgia Beers someone of interest. Her talk is insightful and the video she made is fun to watch. It doesn’t hurt that she is easy on the eye. 

It just occurred to me that you might already be a fan. If that is the case, scratch all this and I’ll just say “Me too.”

Cheers to Georgia,


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